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      Lakeview Burgers & Seafood is a family operation aimed at the families and neighbors in Lakeview.Chef Joe Faroldi started cooking professionally at 14 years old 50 years ago in the French Market. Chef Joe has owned and operated a number of restaurants, most recently K-Joe's in the French Quarter.Chef Joe has also been featured on the TLC show, "The Food Buddha." Lakeview Burgers & Seafood is located on a lively stretch of Harrison Avenue. Chef Joe cooks his signature dishes highlighting locally grown ingredients and fresh, safe Louisiana seafood. Our restaurant has a neighborly feel of a family-run business in a residential area. Family members often work at the cash register, and service is friendly and attentive.There is plenty of banter exchanged while diners wait for their food. What works best for our restaurant is its proximity to Parlay's, the neighboring watering hole popular with a young professional and often rowdy Lakeview crowd.On weekends, sidewalk tables are filled with bar patrons, a natural clientele for burgers and fried seafood. Chef Joe and his son Josef love cooking together as a dynamic duo creating delicious signature dishes for their customers. There is always room at their table for new friends and customers. 

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